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Board Of Regents Meeting Preparations


The Texas State Technical College (TSTC) Board of Regents regards the Chancellor as the officer responsible for all matters related to Texas State Technical College. The Chancellor is the only one authorized to present agendas, items of business, resolutions and related information to the board. Agendas for Board of Regents meetings are established by the Chancellor in consultation with the Secretary to the Board, Vice Chancellors, Provosts and Board committee staff. These same individuals and their official designees are authorized to propose Minute Order Documents, Resolutions and Reports.

Agenda Items

Agenda items are submitted to the Board of Regents at official meetings as Minute Order Documents, Resolutions and Reports. Board action is taken through Minute Orders and Resolutions.

  • Minute Order Documents are used to transact business.
  • Resolutions are used for citations, awards, commendations, expressions of appreciation or sympathy, and other appropriate purposes.
  • Reports are used to convey information that does not require board action.

An item must be included on the official Board of Regents agenda to be discussed or acted upon.

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