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If your favorite color is green,
this could be the career for you. 

Not only heroes can save the planet; you can too.

Green is the new black.

Do you know what it means to go green? It’s the industry buzzword used to describe ways people keep the earth safe, and some of the people who do this for a living are Environmental Technicians and Managers. Environmental workers take various skills from fields like science and technology and apply them to environmental issues and projects. Texas is among the largest employer of Environmental Technicians in the nation. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air?

TSTC’s Environmental Technology will give you the skills needed to help companies comply with current standards governed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Transportation and the state of Texas. You’ll learn from seasoned industry experts and receive lots of real-world, hands-on experience, including working with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department; going onsite to local waterways to perform soil, water and air sampling; working with HAZMAT suits to handle hazardous materials and performing chemical and safety audits at businesses.

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