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College Safety and Security at Texas State Technical College


Health and safety are some of the most significant organizational issues confronting Texas State Technical College (TSTC).  Injuries to persons while on-campus can potentially be the source of substantial loss to the individuals involved as well as the organization itself.  Injured students may not be able to continue studies at the College and injured employees may not be able to work.
As such, TSTC has implemented a comprehensive safety program to identify and mitigate safety hazards in order to provide an environment for employees, students and visitors free of unsafe or hazardous conditions.

John Sargent
Additional Duty Safety Officer
North Texas

Vernon Akins
Additional Duty Safety Officer

Enrique Carrillo
Safety, Health, and Environmental Affairs Officer

Safety, Health, and Environmental Affairs Officer

Dr. David Johnson
Additional Duty Safety Officer
Fort Bend

Josh Stampley
Additional Duty Safety Officer

Elizabeth Figueroa
Additional Duty Safety Officer

Chris Martin, MBA
Fort Bend

Lance Antilley
Additional Duty Safety Officer

Tim Rudloff
Additional Duty Safety Officer


The Texas State Technical College (TSTC) Police Departments are here to provide a safe environment for the TSTC community. This requires the police officers to assume many different roles including: enforcement of state and college regulations; protection of campus community and property; crime prevention; educating the campus community in law enforcement areas; administering first aid; assistance to other college departments in their mission; counseling/referring and assisting campus visitors.

In your best interest, TSTC established certain policies and rules relating to student, employee and visitor behavior. For you to understand these policies and rules, you should realize that a school is a unique community with unique objectives. All federal and state laws are enforced, as well as ordinances of the city in which the campus resides.

TSTC presents and explains the adopted policies, the Student Code of Conduct and rules for situations unique to the school in New Student Orientation sessions.
You are expected to become familiar with the rules and abide by them. TSTC reserves the right to require your withdrawal at any time if your actions are deemed to be contrary to the best interests of the student body or

Behavior Intervention Team

Campus Carry Policy

Catalog and Student Handbook

Clery Report Crime Statistics

Courtesy Services

Crime Prevention Tips

Drug Free Schools and Campus Act

Lost & Found

Missing Housing Student Notification

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Report A Crime

Title IX Education Amendments

Texas Association Against Sexual Assault


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