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Graduating Students

For students who are scheduled to graduate this semester, we want to get you into the workplace as soon as possible and have three options for you:

Option 1: If you already have a job lined up, we are willing to work with your employer to use your work experience to complete course requirements towards your degree. With this option, you will receive an “in progress” (IP) grade for the course until you have met the course requirements. 

Option 2:  If you are still interviewing for a job, your instructor will work with you to make sure you have met the required learning outcomes and job skills for your courses this semester. You will be given the option to receive either a letter grade (A-F) or a pass/fail grade for the work completed up until this point. Both options will allow credit to be earned for the course(s), but letter grades count toward your GPA while pass/fail grades do not.  

Option 3
If there are still learning outcomes and job skills to be completed for your course(s), we will offer an extended spring semester for you to return to the lab as soon as it is safe to do so.

Our goal is for instructors to meet with each student to determine what works best for your unique circumstances in each course you are taking this spring semester. Should you have further questions, your Enrollment Coach will be glad to meet with you and help facilitate the conversation with your instructor.

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